Making you look perfect above 10,000 feet

Kristen Wasyliszyn, owner of Atiki's Flight Catering

Phone: 651.647.4940
Fax: 651.647.4996


With over 16 years experience, we focus on the unique intricacies of flight catering, Ms. Wasyliszyn's background in the fine arts brings a fresh concept to the art of gourmet cuisine.

Ms. Wasyliszyn and her professionally trained staff have molded Atiki’s Flight Catering into the aviation-specific market leader it is today.

  • Urban gardening
  • Recycling: ‘incentive program’
  • Certified Womens business enterprise
  • Pays liveable wages
  • MBAA/NBAA members
  • Pays rent and percentage of sales to Mpls airport commission

a day in the life of an Atikis flight catering order