Variety Breakfast Bread Tray

Scones, protein bars, muffins, pastries trayed up to start your day
1.5 pieces per pax

Euro Breakfast

Flaky croissant, fresh fruit, rolled ham and subtle cheese tray, hard boiled eggs and orange juice


Quiche with deep affection

Real men and women love quiche- ask for the quiche of the day.

Breakfast on Selby

Protein plate for the AM: Hummus, feta, fruit, tabbouleh, Kalamata olives and pita triangles

Atiki’s Pretty Perfect Omelet with Browned Breakfast Potatoes

Crispy bacon, cream cheese, garden herbs
Provolone, sausage, sun dried tomato
Cheese, cheese, cheese - 5 cheese omelet


Coconut Porridge

Coconut porridge with mixed berries, coconut shavings & slices of almonds for our GF friends